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        About Us

        Situated near the heart of St Johns Waterford River Valley in the Compton House heritage property, Riverside Therapeutics offers our clients registered physiotherapy and massage therapy services in a regal calming atmosphere.

        Old world charm mixed with the latest in therapeutic treatments and practices. We are proud to be a clinic that focuses on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

        We are committed to treating your symptoms, but also discovering and treating the cause. Our professionals stay up to date with the newest and most innovative therapeutic interventions. Whenever possible we use research based techniques and strategies to optimise your results.

        Let us help you get back to full function and independence.

        For your health and safety, we have modified our clinic experience to meet or exceed public health requirements with cleaning, sanitization and social distancing.

        Coming Soon to Riverside Therapeutics

        In the coming weeks, we are pleased to announce we will be offering counselling services at our clinic. We will provide a safe and confidential space where people are listened to without judgement. Our counsellors provide a supportive, empathic and understanding environment.

        Our Therapists

        Our physiotherapists have completed extensive post-graduate education attaining internationally recognized qualifications in hands on manual and manipulative therapy. We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge in orthopedics and sports injury as well as therapeutic exercise. Staying current with the latest developments in rehabilitation allows us to offer the best possible treatment, improved quality of care and better results.

        Meet Our Team

        St. John's NL Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy

        Eric Lamme
        (FCAMPT, BScPT, MCPA)

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        Physiotherapist Physiotherapy Krissy Dooling

        Krissy Dooling
        (BScKin, MScPT, MCPA)

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        Sarah Landine

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        massage therapy

        Sarah Marshall (RMT)

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        Advanced Foot Care Nurse

        Deanna Skinner

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        Helle Eggen Stjern (BScKin) Kinesiologist

        Helle Eggen Stjern

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        Suzanne Hearn

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        Our Services

        Physiotherapy Assessment


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        Physiotherapy Treatment


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        Registered Massage Therapy

        Registered Massage

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        Kinesiology / Personal Training

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        Medical Foot Care

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        Counselling Services St. John's

        Counselling Services

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        To book an appointment, call Suzanne at 709-757-3310

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